Saturday, August 31, 2013

Modern Technology using Traditional craftsmanship with a twist.

We were recently approached by Pollyanna Woodward
to make a ring using her diamond for a family member.
Pollyanna emailed us with a rough idea of the design that they liked.

We then used one of our most trusted suppliers Weston Beamor
to produce a CAD ( computer aided design ) for us.

Together this is what we came up with.

After the design was agreed Pollyanna sent us her diamond & we sourced the finest sapphires & diamonds to be set into the shoulders.

Weston Beamor then sent us the viper resin for us to approve.

From here Weston Beamor use the viper resin to cast the ring in 18ct white gold.

It is the our job in the workshop to solder the setting & shank together, set the stones & finish the ring.

The finished ring. 18ct white gold set with the most stunning sapphires & diamonds

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Handmade silver engraved bangle

Customers Silver bracelet to melt down & use

Silver Bracelet ready to be melted

Melting process

The molten silver being poured

The rough silver bar

Silver bar being rolled into shape

Silver bar during the rolling process

Silver taking shape

Ready to be formed by hand

Sawing the end

Soldered together to make oval

Sawing the section to open up the bangle

Ready for the finishing touches

Finished bangle after finishing & engraving

High polish on the inside & sides. Brushed satin on the ooutside

Close up of the engraving

We used a specialist hand engraver for such detail