Friday, February 15, 2013

Emerald ring restore

This ring came to us completely worn out and missing the centre Emerald

We first sourced an Emerald for the customer to view and approve
 and advise on the work we feel necessary to make the ring safe
 to wear without further loss, in this case new claws as the originals 
have worn very thin.

 Work starts to prepare the settings by removing the old claws 

 New metal is prepared to size and the claws are soldered on

The ring with all the new metal soldered on

The new claws are roughly shaped, the stone seatings prepared
and the Emerald is then set.

The ring with all the metal filed to final shape and ready to be polished

The customer decided that they wanted to highlight the stones
 with white settings so after final polishing the settings are rhodium plated

The finished ring